Sunroom extension, a stylish ceiling lamp fixture, sun-drenched foyer of Pickford house.

About Us

Since 1973, our goal has been to make your home more beautiful, comfortable, energy efficient, and to serve you with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and care.

Committed to Excellence

Reputation built on experience

We know what works and what doesn’t work for long term value; time after time we have repaired what others have unknowingly built incorrectly! Even with the more demanding type of construction work typical of remodeling: matching existing work, protecting premises, accommodating owner requirements we consistently keep our job site clean, and provide for you the highest quality workmanship available in the Ann Arbor area.

All builders are NOT created equal

All builders and remodelers are NOT the same. Some will come in and patch some ideas together in a hurry. Some will give you a really “good deal” but then you will realize later that the style just doesn’t fit. Some are good craftsmen, but they don’t have the business skills to run your job smoothly and efficiently. Some will build in a way that won’t last over the long run, because of construction errors you might not see.

And then there’s Acheson Builders

We carefully plan and think through the whole picture. We design your project to give you the best value for your budget. Acheson Builders is a team of superior craftsmen — but we always view each job with a sense of design and artistry that takes the work to a higher level. A remodeled kitchen is not just functional — it is beautiful and functional; a grand foyer is not just a practical space to receive guests — it is sweeping and breathtakingly beautiful and has style. This is why our work is widely acclaimed. We have the skills and experience to plan and produce your project with vision, expertise, and professionalism. Share your new home or remodeling idea with Acheson Builders; be delighted as we bring it to fruition.

Why Choose Acheson Builders?

Our clients choose us because of our:

  • . . . tasteful design assistance
  • . . . technical expertise and creative problem solving ability
  • . . . knowledgeable, experienced advice
  • . . . honesty and integrity
  • . . . extensive and detailed product knowledge
  • . . . willingness to check out more than one approach to the job
  • . . . superior quality workmanship
  • . . . good looking results
  • . . . work being done in a timely manner
  • . . . careful attention to protection of all parts of the existing home
  • . . . workers who are easy to get along with and who are respectful of clients’ needs
  • . . . top-quality millwork that meets and exceeds any job requirement
  • . . . broad range of experience, which enables us to handle most stages of jobs with our own crew, thereby minimizing subcontractor delays
  • . . . ability to handle demanding carpentry tasks with great efficiency and skill
  • . . . custom cabinets and furniture — built and finished to recognized furniture-quality standards
  • . . . ease of communication, and quickness to respond
  • . . . exceptional customer service

Learn More

We would be happy to sit down with you to go over your project and answer any questions you may have.

"Thank You for being a Great Builder"

-- C.R., Ann Arbor, MI