CASE STUDY: Addition with Kitchen and Bath Remodeling and Exterior Improvements

exterior of house after remodeling

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Team Acheson Zoomed participants through this property as part of the BRAG Ann Arbor Builders Association “Showcase of Homes 2020”.


Smart Remodeling

exterior of house before remodeling

See what a difference a small addition can make for a modest ranch home that was just too cramped for a growing family – especially in the public spaces such as the front entrance, the kitchen, and the dining area. A four-foot-wide addition along one side of the home made a world of difference!

More Room, Please

Now there’s room for larger family gatherings in the dining room, multiple cooks in the expanded kitchen, and via a small bump-out at the front doorway along with the side addition, the foyer has room for receiving (or sending off) a whole family-full of excited children and grandchildren, instead of the one-at- a-time space by the front door as in the past.

What About That Porch?

exterior of house after remodeling
After remodeling: slender columns, sidelights, stonework, rails, and four-foot home extension on right side.

We dressed up the front porch with columns, sidelights at the front door, and beautiful stonework for the stoop and front steps. We also made it safer for coming and going with gentler steps, and an added custom hand rail all around. The new sidelights by the front door add interest as well as more light in the foyer.

Acheson Builders can remodel any home
AFTER: Kitchen remodeled, open to dining area.
Remodeling can transform your home, even on a modest budget
AFTER: Dining area leading to kitchen.

What About the Cost?

The entire project was done on a carefully controlled budget. We encouraged the client to carefully focus on keeping her selections for cabinets, counters, tile work etc. within budget, while still maintaining an upgraded style. She did that very successfully!

In Sum:

We maintained the original lines and architectural features such that the addition is indistinguishable from the original home. The changes look like there have been no changes — as if the house was always as it is now!