Remodelers Home Tour 2014

Here is the 1910 home that we are displaying in the 2014 Remodelers Home Tour, starting tomorrow October 4 for just two days. The homeowners, along with Acheson Builders, have worked hard to present the home, which was beautifully renovated to maintain it’s original style, while updating the spaces, layout and livability for a growing young family.

Beautifully maintaining design style of 1910 home.
Photo showing the 2013 addition on rear, beautifully maintaining the design style of this 1910 home.
Front Exterior Angle crop_1046
This photo shows the existing 1910 home Front, unchanged by remodeling of 2013.


Original 1910 home seen from the back side
Rear Exterior BEFORE addition

A large three story addition provided space on the first floor for an entirely new kitchen and mudroom, with new master suite space above it.  An unfinished attic space is designed and framed in to become a bedroom for two young girls in the future.

By doing some of the finish work themselves, including some tile work and some painting, the homeowners were able to save enough money to afford the major complex building changes that were needed in order to make the rooms and hallways larger, the kitchen updated and all the spaces more comfortable.

Come visit us if you can! Later we will post some more highlights on our website. Thank you for your interest in the work of Acheson Builders!