Remodelers Tour 2022 A Hit


500 visitors were led by Marilyn and Jim Acheson (plus staff) of Acheson Builders through the 1926 Ann Arbor home that they remodeled in stages over four years.

It is autumn in Ann Arbor and people are eager to find out how to feather their nests with targeted remodeling. For two days, Jim and Marilyn Acheson, owners of Acheson Builders, welcomed some 500 members of the public to see for themselves what skilled and artful home remodeling can do.

“But where is the remodeling? This all looks original” was a frequent comment heard all weekend as tour-takers enjoyed the rare chance to see this level of remodeling up close and in person. One woman stated that she had turned down buying the house in 2017 due to her stated inability to envision any remodeling possibilities. She was impressed seeing what Acheson Builders had made happen with such apparent ease.

Acheson Builders thanks the owners for generously sharing the 1926-built house at 1505 Arlington Blvd. that it had remodeled in stages between 2018 and 2022. We also thank BRAG Ann Arbor for organizing the Remodelers Home Tour this year as in years past.

Jim Acheson personally guided attendees through the home and through his process of remodeling.

Some Features of the Tour


New shed and pergola attached to classic 1926 Ann Arbor home.

A new, style-consistent shed, attached pergola tying it to the main house, landscaping, and other new features in the side-yard.


Exterior of 1926 house with newly expanded dormer windows making second story more livable.

A two-window dormer became a four-window dormer; a wall was altered to enlarge a bedroom.

Also Upstairs

New guest room made spacious with ample windows, attached bathroom.

The expansion of the second-floor dormer made possible the addition of a whole new guest suite and adjoining bathroom. And the boys bathroom got a total redo as well.


Basement play area after remodeling showing two double-door large custom closets along one wall.

The basement got a complete makeover, with a great big play area for the kids (complete with two double-door shelf-lined closets for toys), a workout area, custom pantry + wine rack, and laundry/utility area with its own custom storage. Improvements both aesthetically pleasing and functional for the whole family.

If you missed the tour, watch this space for the next best thing: details of how Jim Acheson and the whole staff of Acheson Builders made dreams come true for these homeowners.