Split view of Juniper large house remodeled exterior front sunroom and arch-topped columned kitchen.


Since 1973, Acheson Builders has served the greater Ann Arbor, Dexter, Saline, Northville, Plymouth, Brighton, Belleville and surrounding areas in Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland, and Livingston Counties.

Services we offer

House with large circled question mark overlaid.Analysis of Remodeling Needs

Some remodeling companies get started right away! — before properly listening to the customers’ wishes, and without benefit of analysis + back-and-forth discourse with all principals (customer, interior designer, architect, builder, etc.) to hone in objectives. Without this important first phase — the listening, planning, and discussing part — the whole project is likely to disappoint.

Acheson Builders does the due diligence.

Floorpan printout that is partially rolled up on right edge.Project Development and Feasibility Studies

Just getting started with your home remodeling or new construction project can be daunting. Let the company with 45+ years experience help you hone down your priorities and work out what is feasible for your particular situation.

Hammer poised to strike nail that is partially embedded on a horizontal surface.Custom Design and Construction

Complete home design, planning spaces, mentally walking through every single part from floor to ceiling and beyond; creating spaces and layouts that work for traffic and comfortable furniture arrangement, window placement for best viewing and aesthetics, overall harmony, and enduring style that won’t look dated in 5 years. Original custom cabinet design and craftsmanship, uniquely styled and built custom fireplaces, even bespoke moulding to give that finishing touch.

Bed with nightstand two pillows, and a large headboard.Master Bedroom Suites

The best bedroom in the house should befit its owners’ style and temperament. It should boast a connected salle de ban that is both accommodating and lovely. Wouldn’t en suite be sweet? So let’s dream up that special space and make it happen!

Figure standing pushes second figure in wheelchair.Aging in Place and Handicap Design

We all have to age, so why not make your home space the functional, comfortable, lovely place to live out those best years?

Such modifications and upgrades need not be merely practical — they can be gracefully, artfully crafted. Ramps can be gentle on the eye as well as the wheelchair; doorways can be widened with innovative style; grab bars in the bath need not be institutional.

Large square box with a shipping label and a magnifying glass.Product Selection Assistance

The sheer number and variety of components, accessories, appliances, brands and types of home features — can be overwhelming. Let us help sift through the options and find the best and most appropriate for your home.

Two figures share speech bubble containing one large checkmark.Project Management

Remodeling and home building can be complex projects with many moving parts. Many steps require specialist help (interior designer, electrician, plumber, etc.) and have associated tools, supplies, work crews and so forth. And then there is timing and sequence; you can’t hang the doors until the framing and sheet-rock is done.

Acheson Builders will be your project manager, from coordinating architects to installing jacuzzi tubs — we are experts at running construction jobs of all sizes.

Form attached to clipboard with four lines, each with a checkbox preceding.Building Inspections

As if drafting architectural elevations, framing new walls, and handcrafting custom cabinetry was not enough to do, there is the necessity in most building jobs of dealing with Mr./Ms. City Building Inspector. With Acheson Builders’ 4.5 decades of pulling permits and arranging inspections in the greater Ann Arbor, Michigan area, we know well in advance what the outcome will be of City inspections: pass. We can coordinate any construction project’s inspections to ensure that work goes forward unimpeded by the kind of awkward surprises that rookie builders often face when attempting to get their jobs to pass muster.

Let us show you what we can do.

Earth with three leaves sprouting from its top and energy lines across lower hemisphere.Energy Efficient Green Building Technology

With the push to build homes that are more and more energy efficient comes many special challenges. Will a heat pump be a good idea? What exactly is the insulation R-rating of that floor-to-ceiling plate glass? Is passive solar as effective at lowering gas and electric bills as photovoltaic systems? What is solar architecture? Acheson Builders is skilled in all of these areas and ready to help you save green by going green.

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We would be happy to sit down with you to go over your project and answer any questions you may have.

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-- C.R., Ann Arbor, MI