Tour Acheson Builders’ Classic Home Remodeling on Arlington Blvd


Take the Remodeler's Tour to see Acheson Builders' tasteful improvements to a classic Ann Arbor home. Saturday-Sunday October 22-23, 2022.

Acheson Builders would like to invite everyone to the Remodelers Home Tour featuring its latest historic home renovation in Ann Arbor Hills.  Not every builder has the skills to update and expand a period home and make the changes blend harmoniously with the existing structure.  It takes more than just building acumen to upgrade an older home to meet modern building codes and standards — it also requires a solid understanding of historic building aesthetics to make the new seamlessly meld with the old.  Acheson Builders prides itself on being one of a handful of greater Ann Arbor area contractors with both hands-on construction skills and discerning artistic sensibilities for easily and successfully tackling historic home remodeling projects.

New shed and pergola attached to classic 1926 Ann Arbor home.
New shed, connecting pergola, recreated double-car garage door, dormer and windows by Acheson Builders.

This 1926 gem on Arlington Blvd. was purchased in 2018 by a young family who loved its original charm and architectural style but also wanted to upgrade the property to better meet their needs.  It began with a challenge to cure the draftiness by replacing old windows with new insulated ones.  Acheson Builders did one better and found and installed new windows that not only fit in size and style, but didn’t involve putting in smaller windows, which is often the case with less experienced or less discerning builders.  The first step, finding and installing new energy-efficient windows that didn’t sacrifice the traditional look of the home, was complete.  Just one example of the creative problem-solving and thoughtful renovation Acheson Builders is known for.

Later phases of the Arlington home remodeling involved expanding the upstairs, with new bedrooms and baths; a basement upgrade with updated utility/pantry area plus new playroom and workout spaces.  Lastly, Acheson Builders tackled the exterior by building a new shed, an integrated garden path leading to a new patio, a pergola, an outdoor grill station, and landscaping.

This is just a taste of all the amazing work Acheson Builders has done on this Ann Arbor Hills home.  

Come see for yourself at the 2022 Remodelers Home Tour!

Remodelers Home Tour - Fall

Coming to Ann Arbor October 22nd & 23rd

Don’t miss this chance to tour a property remodeled by Acheson Builders.